Different Types of Darts Betting Odds Explained

Every successful punter or gambler has to understand the market and odds in a particular game of interest. Darts offers three types of betting odds which will be described in this article. Keep reading to be informed!

1. Fractional Odds

This is the most popular odds format using by UK betting sites. They have been around since the beginning of Darts betting hence the popularity. The odds are presented as fractions, for example, 2/1. There are two important things which you need to remember about this presentation. The left-hand column represents the return amount while the right-hand column represents the amount you wager. A representation of 2/1, being read as two to one, shows that you will win two units for every unit you stake. So if you place 0 units, you win will be 20 nits.

2. Decimal Odds

Decimal representation is slowly taking over from the fractional representation. It has taken a larger market in the US with most punters arguing that it is easier to work with decimals than fractions. A typical representation can be as ‘3.00’ which basically indicates the number of units you win for placing just a unit on that result. The only difference between this betting odd and the fractional odds is that decimal odds also includes the exact amount you staked back. If you want to calculate your return, you simply get the product of the number of units you placed and the betting odds. For example, if you have 5 units at odds 3.00, your winning will be 15.

3. American odds

This is the least common of the three Darts betting odds and is only popular in the US. The American betting odds tells you the amount you will win for every stake of 100 units you place. It can come either in positive form or negative form. As positive indicates your possible win on 100 units staked, negative will indicate the amount you need to wager to win 100 units. The most appealing part is that most bookmakers will give you options to work with whichever Darts betting odds suits you.