Best Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain biking is a fun, exciting, adrenaline-pumping sporting activity participated in by people globally. It not only draws on endurance, but it also has many health benefits accruable to it. Done on a custom, made-for-terrain, durable bicycles, mountain biking is the good cardio exercise that boosts heart health, increases metabolic rate, boosts brain power, boosts endurance, decreases the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases etc.One of the favorite spots for this is France. The nation famous for beauty, fashion, art, food, Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane and a lot more also has a lot of mountain biking sites to offer and herein are discussed five of them:

Haute Route (Chamonix)

The Haute Route is the oldest ski resort in the whole of France. It runs for over 180 kilometers from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. It has been a world-renowned mountaineering route for over a century and a half. A favorite for mountain bikers, it has trails with very few variations and gradient rises, thereby avoiding the highest altitude glaciers.

Les 2 Alpes

The Les 2 Alpes mountain biking area is a must-go, interesting, all-comers, a bike route that is open in the third quarter of the year; from June 23 to September 1 of every year. It contains challenging trails and has the largest skiable glacier in Europe. The second-oldest ski resort in France, Les 2 Alpes is situated about 72km south-east of Grenoble. It stands at 1,650m in the mountains and boasts the best mountain bike trails with different levels of difficulty. You really can have an adrenaline high from riding down from its highest point on the glacier -3200m- down to Venosc at 960m. Now, that really is not the rush. You see from the top of the glacier, every rider has a choice of trail to follow and you do so base on how good you believe a mountain biker you are. Just imagine, a 2,240m descent with just you, your skill and your bicycle. From blue trails to red DH trails and then the black-graded trails like the famous Fury, a competition-level trail. Safety measures are also in place. The trails are maintained regularly by a crew and the trails patrolled by a 6-man Bike Patrol Team. This team crisscrosses the trails at the end of each day to ensy=ure no one has been left behind.

Peisey And Les Arcs

With 17 trails categorized into Easy (4), Moderate (5), Difficult (5), and Pro (3), at the Peisy, situated in Bourg St Maurice, there is a trail for everyone. Based on your level of skill, you pick any of the designated trails with your team, or as part of the crowd of mountain bike enthusiasts. It also features an initiation trail for beginners, 9 downhill trails, endurance trails, and 2 cross-country trails.

Great Crossing of the Ariege

Situated in Toulouse, it is described by mountain bikers as the best of the seven "Great Crossings" in France. Situated in a location steeped in history, it is a 300km-long route that takes just over a week to complete. The route comes with local guides, is hard but not impossible, and not for the fainthearted as it demands advanced bike-riding skills. When going on this trail, try to travel as light as possible as you would be happy you are not bogged down by weight when you get to particular parts of the trail. Plus, you would not lack for places to stay as you ride along.

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